Dj Breeze Biography Picture

Born In Benton, AR but raised in Las Vegas, NV growing up surrounded by some of the most famous and exciting talent in the world. Thomas “DJ BREEZE” Calabrese III always knew that his life would revolve around music. He has had numerous musical influences throughout his life, none more-so than his own family. From his Grandmother who was singing and touring the with Bob Hope on the USO tour, to his Mother who is also a singer and went on to start one of the most successful talent agencies in Las Vegas.
His Mother could sense that Thomas from a very young age possessed a passion for music. He has always enjoyed a wide variety of music genres. His career as professional DJ began at the tender age of fifteen. From there, his drive and desire to pursue greater heights in the music industry exploded; DJ BREEZE was born. He has taken great strides to hone his craft over the past several years through mentor-ships and intense practice.

For the past 10 years, Thomas showcased his talents in a wide variety of events. His resume includes services provided for: Weddings,Corporate Events,Retail Events, Private Parties,Political Events and Club Settings of All Kinds. Upon moving to Little Rock, AR he was able to further display his craft as a professional DJ; he was hired by the largest entertainment company in the state.DJ BREEZE is highly seasoned in all aspects of the DJ arena as well as emceeing and hosting. To date,Thomas has thousands of events under his belt, and possess a wealth of experience.He has the drive, the determination and dedication to provide quality service for all his clients. Thomas “DJ BREEZE” Calabrese III has one main goal; Leave EVERYONE with a lifetime of memorable moments.